Low Impact Paintballs for Sale

A Low impact Paintball by Sure Shots.Com has the following benefits:

  • are 50 caliber size (much smaller that standard 68 caliber paintballs)
  • hurt less & cause little to no bruising (68 caliber standard paintballs leave large welts and bruises)
  • are reusable (you can shoot each ball hundreds of times, they are not 1 shot like Standard Paintballs)
  • there is no Paintball Mess or Smelly odor (regular Paintballs leave nasty residue on what ever is hit by the paintball)
  • Cost less to buy and use (low impact paintballs use less gas to shoot and are less expensive than regular Reballs)
Low Impact Paintballs
Our Low Impact Paintballs works with all JT Splatmaster Guns and all 50 Caliber Paintball Guns.

Low Impact Paintballs are perfect for family entertainment centers and paintball business that want to cater to younger players.                 

Have a Question about Low Impact Paintballs or how to incorporate into  your paintball field or FEC, give us a call at 304-893-6286 or Send your question by Email or Use our Instant Support.

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What is Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact Paintballs for Sale