Commercial Grade Score Keeping for Gel Ball

What does a Commercial Gel Ball Play Site Really have to do to Actually be Successful? (this includes Family Entertainment Centers, Family Game Centers, Paintball Play Centers, Trampoline Centers, GellyBall Centers etc)

The Gel Ball Play Center has to eliminate  the "Free For All " and  No Structured Game Play using the so called Honor System for keeping score. (this system creates chaos, lack of competitiveness and eventually slows or kills return customer count)

A Structure Score Keeping System is the Essential Key To Success...Adding Score Keeping Vests, Score Keeping Shooting Galleries and Score Keeping Shooting Mazes is what it takes to Create Customer Loyalty.

This Score Keeping System should have the Following Capabilities:

  • Should be Universal and have ability to track Gel Balls, GellyBalls, Nerf Dart or Balls and Bazooka Balls (so operator will never have to turn down player)
  • Have Individual Score Keeping not Just Team Score Keeping (Knowing Score Keeps players competitive & coming back to do better)
  • Have the Ability to Display All Scores on TV, Tablet or Phone (seeing true score keeps game exciting and ensures more game play)
  • Store all Player and Game Data to give operator option to stay in touch with player, run tournaments, give rewards of high scores locally or nationwide etc (Player Data is most valuable asset for operator)
  • Score Keeping Product should be Completely Programmable (operator should be able to Choose Vest Color, Hit Timing and Type of Game Played)

If you are a Family Entertainment Center, Gellyball Center, Nerf Play Field or Trampoline Center owner, You need to Compare Gel Ball Commercial Score Keeping Systems and Prices to Get Exactly What you need to Make your Gel Ball Attraction Profitable...

Check Out Gel Ball Score Keeping Options and Compare Side by Side for Yourself!