About Us - Sure Shots

About Us - Sure Shots

Sure Shots team members have been involved in the Fantasy Simulated Combat Gaming Industry for almost 30 Years.

We helped design, engineer and produce the LazerBall which was the first patented Reusable “Paintless” Paintball in 1993. (see LazerBall Reusable Paintball Patent)

This innovation started the Reusable Paintball Game revolution...some call the game Reball.

The Reball style Paintball game features the use of 68 Caliber Reusable Paintballs and through the years has morphed into New Game called Low Impact Paintball that uses 50 Caliber Reusable Paintballs that cause less bruising and pain for the player.

The Sure Shots team has also created, designed and engineered a Score Keeping Vest and Game Management System specifically designed to track and count all hits by Reusable Paintballs and transmit all hit data on phones or computers.

Our Score Keeping Vest and Game Management System morphed into The Universal Score Keeping Vest and Universal Game Management System which now tracks and counts all hits by Reusable Paintballs, Nerf Darts or Balls, ReBalls, Bazooka Balls and Airsoft BBs and transmits all hit data on phones or computers.

We felt that actually seeing which player was hit and where the player was hit would really add to the excitement to the game for both players and spectators.

Sure Shots currently manufactures and sells

  • Reusable Ammunition for Nerf and Paintball
  • Score Keeping Vests and Game Management Systems for Nerf, Low Impact Paintball, Bazooka Ball and Airsoft.
  • Targets (both electronic & standard for Nerf, Low Impact Paintball & Bazooka Ball

Our Goals are Simple…

To provide high quality Reusable Ammo, Score Keeping Equipment and Targets for economical prices

To provide a Website that is easy to navigate, has high quality information and adapted to give good quality access to all devices and bandwidths.

The Sure Shots team want to make Fantasy Simulated Combat Gaming what is should be...Fun, Exciting, Informative and Cost Effective.