Who is Sure Shots & What Do We Do?

Sure Shots Sells:

Blaster Shot "Hybrid" Score Keeping Vests, Score Keeping Targets and Target Shooting Galleries  Track,  Record  & Display ALL Hits from Gel Balls, Nerf Darts or Foam Darts and Foam Tipped Archery Arrows... Plus Displays All Score Keeping Information on  Phones, Tablets, Computer and HD TVs.

With Blaster Shot Hyper Com You Can Add 2 Way Score Keeping to Vests & Shooting Galleries So You Always Know Exactly Who Shot and Hit the Target!  Available March 2024

Nerf & Gel Ball Score Keeping TargetHybrid Score Keeping Target


Rubber Paintballs

Sure Shots Sells 2 Sizes of Rubber Paintballs That Are Reusable and Paint Free

Our Rubber Paintball was 1st Patented Rubber Paintball

Paintball Targets and Electronic Score Keeping Targets

Sure Shot Rubber Paintball Targets work with 50 Cal Rubber Paintballs and 68 Cal Rubber Paintballs & are an affordable Paintball Target Practice System. that Traps and Holds all Rubber Paintballs that were Shot for Easy Retrieval and Reuse

Blaster Shot Electronic Score Keeping Targets are a "Hybrid Target System" and work with All Rubber Paintballs, Gel Balls, Gellyballs, Nerf Darts , Bazooka Balls & Archery Tag Arrows and Track, Record and Display Every Hit From Most Low Impact Projectiles!

Hybrid Score Keeping TargetHybrid Score Keeping Target for Gel Ball, Gellyball, Nerf & Archery Tag

Check Out Our Gel Ball Commercial Grade Score Keeping Products!

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