Virtual Reality for Paintball & Airsoft FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for  Virtual Reality Paintball and Airsoft Game and Equipment

What Powers the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Paintball and Airsoft Game?

  • The Hyper-Com Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Upgrade uses an Arduino base program and radio system

Are the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vests bulky or stiff?

  • Each Hyper-Com Score  Keeping Vest is constructed of soft flexible fabric fitted with our "Smart Fabric" Body Impact Sensor that gives each player to ability to easily move and maneuver on the play field.

What is the data transmitting range for the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vest and Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf Gun Addon?

  • Indoor Test have constantly shown that good accuracy is achieved at up to 300 Feet. We are sure we will boost accuracy with programming and mechanical enhancements.

What kind of battery does the Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vest use?

  • The Hyper-Com System is powered by 2 AA batteries with an estimated life of about 7 Days of actual playtime. We chose off the self batteries because specialty batteries cost more and if you forget to charge them, you are out of the game.
  • By using off the shelf batteries, if you have a low battery you have the option actually go buy batteries the corner store and play that day!

Who is the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf System for?

  • The Sure Shots Hyper-Com Score Keeping System is made for all Paintball, Airsoft & Nerf Players.
  • The Sure Shots Hyper-Com System adds the reality of real time Score Keeping and Updating.
  • Each Player always knows exactly how well they performed in a game and how well all their teammates performed too.

What equipment do you actually need to play a Hyper-Com Game?

Sure Shots Hyper-Com is played using:

  • Standard Paintball ,Airsoft or Nerf Equipment
  • Standard Reusable Paintballs, Airsoft BBs or Nerf Darts
  • The Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vest with "Smart Fabric" Body Impact Sensors
  • Hyper-Com Electronic Clip On for your Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Hardware

How do you play a Hyper-Com Game?

Sure Shots Hyper-Com is played just like regular Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Games.

  • Each Team Leader chooses Teammates 
  • Team and Players are Registered
  • Goal or object of game are defined
  • Decision on Time allotted for game
  • Players take positions on field
  • Referee starts game 
  • Game continues until time runs out or goal is accomplished

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