Hyper-Com Virtual Reality For Paintball, Airsoft & Nerf

What is Hyper-Com?

(This is a Preview of Our Kickstarter Fund Raising Project!)

Hyper-Com was created to give Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf players a true, Virtual Reality Simulation of a fantasy war game, just like a first person shooter video game (like Call of Duty) or Laser Tag!

Hyper-Com gives the players all the experience of a video game with real time score keeping but they actually feel every hit by a Paintball, Airsoft BB or Nerf Dart.

When you add Hyper Com's "Virtual Reality" to Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Games, all players can become totally immersed in their fantasy combat game while always knowing every detail about how the game is going and so will their teammates, other players and most importantly the spectators.

 What is Hyper-Com Virtual Reality?

Learn Why Hyper-Com Is Next True Virtual Reality!

How Does Hyper-Com Work?

Hyper-Com incorporates and successfully combines three exciting technologies to create a Virtual Reality Game for Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf Players.

Hyper Com has combined:

  • Smart Fabric Impact Sensors – our flexible “Smart Fabric” Body Impact Sensors accurately track, record and transmit every hit by a Paintball, Airsoft BB or Nerf Dart that occurs during a game
  • Data Processing Program – the Data Processing Program receives data then sorts and assigns hit data to each player in Real Time,
  • Web and Phone Apps – all player data is instantly displayed on the Web, smart phones, tablets, laptops and in house scoreboard

Why is Hyper-Com Needed?

The Games of Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf all involve dodging or being hit by High Speed Projectiles that move faster than the human eye can actually follow.

All of these games are all played by the "Honor System Rules".

The way the Honor System works is, each player is responsible for actually calling themselves hit... if they think they are hit by a Paintball, Airsoft BB or Nerf Dart.

The Score Keeping of an entire game is based on Someone's Human Opinion of whether a player was actually hit by one of these speeding projectiles or a human Referee thinks a player was hit.

Players pay hundreds of dollars for all of the High Tech Equipment required to play Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf...but Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf Score Keeping still relies (after all these years) on the “Human Condition" for data collection?

In our opinion, “You just can't trust human players or human referees to effectively keep score and do it right!"

It is time for the machines to take over!

Watch How Ineffective Human Score Keepers Can Be

 See Why We Created Hyper-Com


Paintball & Airsoft Players Deserve Better!

How Does Hyper-Com Score Keeping Really Work?

 See Hyper-Com Work in Real Time!


Human Score Keeping Just Can't Compare

Who was Hyper-Com's Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf "Virtual Reality" created for?

 Hyper Com is designed for the data freak in all of us!

Players and Spectators who want to know in detail...every move, every play and hit in a game.

Hyper Com will allow all Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Players and Spectators to become totally immersed in the game...like being embedded in a Live Video Game.

Years of Hard Work Pays Off

After years of hard work and development our Hyper-Com Virtual Reality project is ready for use by Paintball Players, AirSoft Players and Nerf Players.

We have successfully integrated video game score keeping programming with the Hyper Com "Smart Fabric" Body Impact Sensors to give a Virtual Reality Experience using standard Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Equipment.

The action will be as real as it can get...Paintballs, Airsoft BB's or Nerf Darts being shot at you and your team from all directions!

You and your opponents will feel every hit plus you and your team get the real satisfaction of attempting to complete missions that are as true to life as possible.

In this brave new world...every player will truly experience the “Thrill of Victory or The Agony of Defeat” .

Who was Hyper-Com Virtual Reality Developed for?

Who Are We Anyway?

Sure Shots has been developing, creating and distributing Paintball and Airsoft Products for years.

We created and patented the first Reusable Paintless Paintball, the Sure Shots.

Created all cloth, "Smart Fabric" Body Impact Sensor used in our LazerSkinz Score Keeping Vest.

Our website can show you just how far we have come in making true life action gaming a reality for Paintball and Airsoft. www.sureshots.us

What's the Deal Here?

We have developed working Hyper-Com prototypes and are now ready for next phase of the project, we are ready to manufacture.

The funds raised from this Kickstarter will be used to:

  • Complete the integration of our concept into working Nerf,  Airsoft and Paintball Equipment for mass use & distribution.
  • Complete engineering for mass production and lowering cost of build and distribution
  • Build and ship rewards

If you love Paintball, Airsoft & Nerf and think it is time to bring these games into the real time world we live in, Give Us Your Help.

You can help us succeed in adding "Virtual Reality" to Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf Games in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Give us a donation and receive a great functional gift (we will very much appreciate the help)

  • Donate because this project just makes sense and you want to help bring Paintball, Airsoft & Nerf to the next logical phase

  • If you know an active Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Player...     Please make sure you send this project to them to look at.

Everyone who gives us help will get the real satisfaction of knowing they are helping take Paintball, Airsoft & Nerf to the next Exciting Phase...Real Time "Virtual Reality" Combat with Real Time Feedback!

Call me with any questions or suggestions 304-893-6286

Stretch Goals

We want to make Hyper-Com Virtual Reality as Real as Possible.

When you reach our funding goal, We will add the following Hyper-Com Play Field Enhancements:

  • Automatic Score Multiplier - (Automatic Bonus Points For Accurate Shots)
  •  Automatic Hit Points Upgrade - (Automatic Bonus Points for Completed Missions)
  •  Hidden Mine Fields - (Move Into Enemy Territory at Your Own Risk, A Mine Could Take Hit Points Away...Anytime)
  • Medic Centers to Heal - (Find a Medic, Add Hit Points & Get You Back to Active Duty)


We really hope you will participate and help us make Hyper-Com a Success!...Call me if you have any questions!


What Powers the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Paintball and Airsoft Game?

  • The Hyper-Com Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Upgrade uses an Arduino base program and radio system

Are the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vests bulky or stiff?

  • Each Hyper-Com Score  Keeping Vest is constructed of soft flexible fabric fitted with our "Smart Fabric" Body Impact Sensor that gives each player to ability to easily move and maneuver on the play field.

What is the data transmitting range for the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vest and Paintball, Airsoft an Nerf Gun Addon?

  • Indoor Test have repeatably shown that good accuracy is achieved at up to 300 Feet. We are sure we will boost accuracy with programming and mechanical enhancements.

What kind of battery does the Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vest use?

  • The Hyper-Com System is powered by 2 AA batteries with an estimated life of about 7 Days of actual playtime. We chose off the self batteries because specialty batteries cost more and if you forget to charge them, you are out of the game.
  • By using off the shelf batteries, if you have a low battery you have the option actually go buy batteries the corner store and play that day!

Who is the Sure Shots Hyper-Com Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf System for?

  • The Sure Shots Hyper-Com Score Keeping System is made for all Paintball, Airsoft & Nerf Players.
  • The Sure Shots Hyper-Com System adds the reality of real time Score Keeping and Updating.
  • Each Player always knows exactly how well they did in a game and all their teammates too.

What equipment do you actually need to play a Hyper-Com Game?

Sure Shots Hyper-Com is played using:

  • Standard Paintball ,Airsoft or Nerf Equipment
  • Standard Reusable Paintballs, Airsoft BBs or Nerf Darts
  • The Hyper-Com Score Keeping Vest with "Smart Fabric" Body Impact Sensors
  • Hyper-Com Electronic Clip On for your Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Hardware

How do you play a Hyper-Com Game?

Sure Shots Hyper-Com is played just like regular Paintball, Airsoft or Nerf Games.

  • Each Team Leader chooses Teammates 
  • Team and Players are Registered
  • Goal or object of game are defined
  • Decision on Time allotted for game
  • Players take positions on field
  • Referee starts game 
  • Game continues until time runs out or goal is accomplished

Have more questions?

We will be glad answer any other questions.

Email johnny@Sure Shots.com or call  304-893-6286