Smart Fabric Sensors

Sure Shots Smart Fabric Sensors were specifically designed to meet the intense requirements and demands of Paintball (reusable), Airsoft, Nerf Games and now Soccer Games.

Smart Fabric Body Impact Sensors detect, record and transmit all impacts or hits from:

  • Paintless Reusable Paintballs or ReBalls
  • Airsoft BBs
  • Nerf Darts
  • Bazooka Balls
  • Soccer Balls (New!)
  • Most forms of Reusable Ammo for Air or Spring Power Guns

The “Smart Fabric” Body Impact Sensors are unique and different from most forms of other Smart Fabric, Intelligent Fabric or Electronic Fabric Sensors or Switches.

What makes SMART FABRIC SENSORS by Sure Shots stand out and different from other Smart Fabric Sensors?

Sure Shots Smart Fabric Sensor:

  • is specifically designed for fantasy war gaming, military & police training and target shooting
  • can be cut to any size or shape
  • is thin, soft and flexible
  • can be wrapped around game helmets or other body protection gear
  • there are no limits to size or number of usable impact areas
  • the engineering and development of new size sensor takes Days instead of Weeks or Months
  • the cost of engineering new sensor is tremendously lower than competitive alternatives



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Check Out All the Smart Fabric Sensors applications and Videos!... Sure Shots Smart Fabric Sensors will meet the specific characteristics of Paintball (reusable), Reball, Airsoft Games, Nerf Games and Now Soccer Games!


The Smart Fabric Body Impact Sensor by Sure Shots was originally designed for the Sure Shots Vest but has been updated and improved for Hyper-Com Virtual Reality for Paintball, Airsoft and Nerf.

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