Score Keeping Vest Demonstration

Watch the Score Keeping Vest System Demonstration for Reusable Paintless Paintballs & Airsoft BBs

In this demo...We use Airsoft BBs to show just how accurate the System is.

The Vest System Features:

  • Easy Game Set Up
  • Real Time Score Keeping for Reball and Airsoft Games
  • Works with both 50 Caliber and 68 Caliber Reusable Paintballs
  • Works with Airsoft BBs
  • Game Scores can be displayed on Wide Screen TV ( No Scoreboard Needed!)

Check Out Demo Video & See Score Keeping Vest Work!

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If you have a Question about adding a System to a new or your Current Family Entertainment Center, Reball Field or Airsoft Facility...Give us a call at 304-893-6286 or Send your question by Email or Use our Live Support.


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