Reusable Paintball Score Keeping Vest

With a Reusable Paintball Score Keeping Vest, You mark your Opponent, ELECTRONICALLY!

The Paintball Score Keeping Vest records and keeps track of all reusable paintball hits and Now Nerf and Bazooka Ball!

The Score Keeping Vest prints a score card at the end of the game and shows:

  • how many times a player was hit
  • where the player was hit
  • what team the player is on
  • players score at end of reusable paintball game
  • all other players scores
  • total team score
  • date and time game was played

When a player is hit with a reusable  paintball (or airsoft pellet), they know it ! (And so do you!)

With Reusable Paintball Score Keeping:

  • You can forget the Paintball Mess
  • You can forget the Honor System

Paintball Score Keeping Vests:

  • Are light weight and accurate!
  • Made for Reusable Practice Paintballs!
  • Are great for practice sessions!
  • Will not hinder movement!
  • Are affordable for any player or team!

If you have any Questions about The System or adding The Score Keeping System to your Reball or Reusable Paintball Facility, give us a call at 304-893-6286, Send your question by Email or Use our Live Support.

We are here the help!

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