Nerf Score Keeping Systems

Nerf Wars are taking the world & the Family Entertainment Business by storm...Now you can become part of this History Shaking Shift in Combat Gaming Entertainment.

Blaster Shot Score Keeping System designed especially for Nerf Game is The Way way to meet this coming storm!

With Blaster Shots's Score Keeping Vest for Nerf Wars you can:

  • Count and Record every hit by a Nerf Dart or Nerf Ball
  • Vests are completely programmable (you decide color of vest, length of game and so much more!)
  • Display all Nerf hit information on Wide Screen Monitor, phone or tablet

An get this...Blaster Shots's Universal Score Keeping Vest for Nerf Wars are way less expensive than a cheap Laser Tag Game System and Also works with Gelly Ball, Bazooka Ball and Arrow Tag!

Check out Our Low Prices or Call 304-893-6286 for more info

Watch Blaster Shot Score Keeping Vest for Nerf Wars in Action