ADD 2 Way Score Keeping To Nerf Vests

We sell 2 Way Score Keeping Systems for all Nerf Blasters and Are a Great Addon to any Nerf Score Keeping System!

What is 2 Way Score Keeping?

Blaster Shot 2 Way Score Keeping Means

  • Each Target or Vest Knows Exactly Which Player Shot at It
  • Which Player Actually Hit It!
  • That Data is Transmitted to Tablet, Phone or Wide Screen Monitor!

Blaster Shot 2 Way Score Keeping Is Available on

  • Nerf Score Keeping Target Ranges
  • Nerf Score Keeping Vests and Game Management Systems for Family Entertainment Centers
  • Nerf Shooting Gallery for Carnivals and Family Entertainment Centers.

All Nerf 2 Way Score Keeping Product work from Your Phone, Tablet or Desktop and Display on all Monitors including TVs

If you want Nerf 2 Way Score Keeping Equipment, We Have it.

Nerf 2 Way Score Keeping  Headquarters!

Nerf Gun Target

Check Out How to Add 2 Way Score Keeping to Blaster Shot Score Keeping Targets, Score Keeping Vests and Score Keeping Shooting Galleries...Call 304 893 6286 or Email Us


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