Message From Inventor

If you own a Indoor Paintball Center, an Indoor Airsoft Facility or a Family Entertainment Center featuring Indoor Paintball or Reball...

This is the break through you have been waiting for!

The System is an inexpensive way to actually Keep Score... in Real Time... for Reballs, Reusable Paintballs and Airsoft BBs, just like Laser Tag systems have provided for years.

Forget the hassles over who was hit and who was not...

The Vest tracks and records every hit to the upper body by Reusable Paintballs, Reballs & Airsoft BBs in any combat simulation game.

We have invested over 8 years developing the the Technology to make sure that it is:

  • light weight
  • very accurate
  • most importantly affordable

The System pricing is way below most Laser Tag systems or comparable products.

Message From Inventor

The System is something most Indoor Reball, Airsoft Field owners and Family Entertainment Center owners can afford and will increase their business.

You need to know that the System works with both 50 Caliber and 68 caliber reusable paintballs plus Airsoft BBs

Our Demonstration Video shows just how well the Vest actually works.

We chose Airsoft BBs for the demo since the BBs are so much lighter than reusable paintballs or Reballs and much harder to track & record.

You will see that when a BB hits the vest, the hit is recorded and the exact location of the hit is shown.

The System will then display all player hit results, in "Real Time"

  •  on wide screen TV
  • on the internet
  • on mobile phones
  • on tablets
  • of course, on printed score cards

The System is an economical upgrade or add on to any Family Entertainment Center, Indoor ReBall Field or Indoor Airsoft facility. 

If you have a Question about adding a System to a new or your current Family Entertainment Center, Reball Field or Airsoft Facility, give us a call at 304-893-6286 or Send your question by Email or Use our Instant Support.

We are here the help!

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