Force on Force Training Simulator Integration

If you believe that your officers or assault team members could preform their duties better with “Force on Force” simulation training exercises, you are correct.

 Sensors for Shoot HousesIt is a fact, that officers or assault team members perform better in life and death situations when subjected to “Force on Force" Training” simulation training exercises.

The Sensor System was designed especially for smaller city or county law enforcement agencies that could not or cannot afford the expensive laser or other shoot house or Force on Force simulator products.

The Sensor is constructed entirely of soft, flexible material and can be designed and manufactured into virtually any size or shape, to suit your specific training needs.

With the Sensor's built in flexibility, light weight and economical cost, the Sensor is ideal for virtually any target in training simulator that requires hit feed back.

The Sensor can be integrated into:

  • helmets
  • vests
  • walls
  • targets
  • barriers or bunkers

With the Sensor System you can create a Force on Force or Shoot House Simulator for any Training environment and get vital hit feedback on all of following:

  • Stray Shots (shots that miss combatant or officer but hit back ground area)
  • Exactly where and when a combatant was hit
  • Exactly where and when an officer was hit
  • Exactly how long the training session lasted

All this vital information is available to the training team leader in a printed report and viewable on mobile devices such as smart phone or tablet and of course a laptop or PC.

With this valuable information, there is no guessing about how well your team preformed or whether there was any collateral damage or injury.

In this day and age, you have to give your officers or team members every opportunity to survive an assault, with the System, you can give them a fighting chance.

For more information on the Sensor System for Force on Force or Shoot House Training Integration, call 304-893-6286, Email Us or Use our Instant Support.

We will be glad to analyze your needs and show you the affordability of a Sensor System.