Low Impact Paintball System for Roller Rinks - 20 Guns

Low Impact Paintball System for Roller Rinks - 20 Guns

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Paintless Paintball for Roller Skating Rink Business Owners

The Low Impact Paintball Game System by Sure Shots features 20 Low Impact Paintball Guns & will work in any Roller Skating Rink.

With Sure Shots Low Impact Paintless Paintballs and Sure Shots Score Keeping Vests you can add extra income that helps pay the bills.

Here's What You Get with  the 20 Gun Low Impact Paintball System for your Roller Skating Rink:

  • 20 - Electronic Score Keeping Vests - (designed especially for Low Impact Paintball, Nerf Games & Bazooka Ball Games)
  • 10,000 -  Sure Shots 50 Caliber Reusable Paintballs - (these are "Low Impact" Reusable Paintballs that hurt less and cause less bruising)
  • 20 - GOTCHA Tactical Paintball Shotgun Paintball Guns (3 colors) (these paintball guns are spring operated, No More Air Fills, No More Gun Maintenance)
  • 22 - Paintball Eye Protection Masks (these masks protect eyes and temples and are Non Fogging)
  • 1- Sure Shots Game Management and Score Keeping System (our Score Keeping System counts hits front and back, displays score on TV, monitor, laptop or phone, prints score card and so many more options

Low Impact Paintball Score Keeping Vests for Roller Rinks

12 Sure Shots Score Keeping Vests

5000 Low Impact Paintballs

5,000 Low Impact Paintballs (Paintless & Reusable)

Gotcha Low Impact Paintball Guns

12 Spring Loaded Low Impact Paintball Guns

Low Impact Paintball Face Protection Mask

14 Low Impact Paintball Face Protection Masks

Benefits Of Sure Shots Game Management System & Sure Shots Low Impact Paintballs

Sure Shots Score Keeping Vest

  • Counts and Records all hits by Paintless Paintball, Nerf Dart, Nerf Ball or Bazooka Ball
  • Displays the number of times each player was hit
  • Displays Front and Back Hits for all Players
  • Displays all player's & both team's score
  • Prints Score Cards for Players after Game
  • NO SCORE BOARD NEEDED! Displays all Game Information TV's, mobile devices and computers

Sure Shots Low Impact Reusable Paintless Paintballs

  • Have less impact than the Standard 68 Caliber Reusable Paintball
  • Cause significant less bruising
  • Cause significant less pain
  • No High Pressure Air Compressor to Buy
  • Cost less for maintenance than regular paintball equipment ( just throw guns away and get new ones)
  • Low Replacement Cost

If you have any Questions about Low Impact Paintballs, the Score Keeping System or How To Add to Your Roller Skating Rink, give us a call at 304-893-6286, Send your question by Email or Use our Live Support.

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