10 Score Keeping Vests for Nerf Wars

10 Score Keeping Vests for Nerf Wars
Adding 10 Nerf Score Keeping Vests to Your Nerf Business will increase customer retention and loyality

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10 Score Keeping Vests for Nerf Wars

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Vests for Nerf Change the Nerf War Game...Everyone Knows Who Is Hit!

Nerf Wars Score Keeping Vest Will:

  • Count, Record & Display All Nerf Dart or Nerf Ball Hits
  • Display Nerf Game Time and Counts Down Game Time
  • 4 Sets LEDs Light Up after Every Hit (bright white)
  • Display all Nerf Player & Nerf Team Names on Nerf Score Board
  • Nerf Game Score Board Program Included
  • Add 2 Way Score Keeping to Nerf Vests (See What Is All About)

Blaster Shot Nerf Score Keeping Vests are Completely Programmable...You choose color each vest will be at beginning of Nerf Game

If you have any questions about Nerf Wars Score Keeping Call 304-893-6289 or Email Us

You Need To Know!...All Sure Shots Score Keeping Vests for Nerf Wars also can be used for Score Keeping in Reusable Paintball Games, Reball Games, Bazooka Ball Games and Airsoft Games!...These Score Keeping Vests are Universal!

Watch Blaster Shot Score Keeping Vest for Nerf Wars in Action