What is a ReBall Paintball Game?

ReBall Paintball Games use a 68 Caliber Reusable Paintless Paintball that has No Paint in the Ball and the Balls are reusable.

ReBalls are also known in the Paintball Market Place as:

  • Z- Balls
  • Mighty Balls
  • Paintless Paintballs
  • Reusable Paintballs
  • Practice Paintballs
  • LazerBalls

Most Indoor Paintball Game fields have converted to ReBall type Paintballs because:

  • Can use same Paintball Equipment as they currently use (standard Paintball Guns and Paintball Protection Gear)
  • The ReBall or Paintless Paintballs can be shot over and over (really saves money not constantly buying paintballs)
  • There is No Paintball Mess to clean up (saves serious money on maintenance)

ReBall Game Operators are now starting to convert to 50 Caliber Low Impact Reusable Paintless Paintballs because:

  • Low Impact Paintballs cause Less Pain and Bruising (68 cal ReBalls can leave nasty bruises and hurt)
  • Low Impact Paintballs are reusable and leave no paintball mess (again big money savers)