Sure Shots Reusable Paintball at Revo Soccer Center

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Updated: Feb 18, 2015 8:51 PM EST Posted: Oct 23, 2014 8:51 PM EDT

Watch Sure Shots Reusable Paintball being played at Revo Soccer Complex in Miami Florida.

This Sure Shots Game is played in a Black Light Arena with "Glow in the Dark" Reusable Paintballs

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Donovan Campbell: "I guess it's time to get ready for combat."

Nothing too serious. Come on now! Instead, here's a new revolutionary recreational activity for all ages that mixes two all-time favorites.

Jorge Espinosa: "Sure Shots is to combine the adrenaline of paintball with the whole ambiance of a laser tag arena. When it comes to paintball, it's a lot of mess involved. But the pain is still there.

Donovan Campbell: "You guys kind of took the mess out of paintball. However, the pain is still there."

Jorge Espinosa: "Exactly. We took the mess out of paintball. You get hit, the pain's still there.

Andres Aleman: "The aspect of being in the dark and shooting your friends was amazing."

Franco Duboc: "Once you get shot a few times you actually start to run around and that's when you start sweating. And believe it or not when you're finished, you are completely soaked. Your face is soaked, your shirt is wet. It's a great way to exercise if you think about it."Sure Shots Player Wearing  Vest"

Donovan Campbell: The brand-new game created in South Florida at Revo Entertainment Center in Doral is quickly becoming a big hit. Pun intended.

Donovan Campbell: "A lot of people think, you know, you may be promoting violence, but not at all."

Jorge Espinosa: "We wanted to do a whole story and take people to Planet Revo. And there we have to battle the negatrons. We don't kill the negatrons and neither do they."

Andres Aleman: "You feel like you're in a video game."

Surrounded by 3D walls in the dark, Sure Shots is the latest evolution of part exercise and entertainment.

Andres Aleman: "You feel like you're in another planet. You don't even realize you're on a soccer field."

Franco Duboc: "When you shoot someone, you know, it actually feels pretty good. Especially whenever it's a good friend and you get mad at them you can kind of take your anger out on them."

Jorge Espinosa: It's a dream come true, to be honest. It's something that you think 'Well, I want to do this.' And to have the reaction of people liking it and having their faces and seeing them how they get excited, it just get's a kick out of it."

Revo Entertainment Center
10395 NW 41st Street,
Suite 101, Doral, FL 33178
305-717-0020 - ask for Jorge

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