Score Keeping for Nerf, Low Impact Paintball and Airsoft

Low Impact Paintbal, Reball, AirSoft and Now Nerf & Bazooka Ball have become an integral part of the over $1 Billion Dollar a year Simulated Combat Game Industry.

As the use of Low Impact Paintballs, Reballs,  AirSoft, Nerf and Bazooka Ball exploded in use in Simulated Combat Gaming, there were a few questions that kept being asked over and over...

  • How does a player know when they hit another paintball player with a Reball or AirSoft Pellet?
  • How do you keep track of all hits for all players & teams participating in a Reball or Airsoft Game?
  • How do you know which player had best performance or Which Team actually won in a game of Reball or AirSoft

To solve these nagging questions, we created a Score Keeping App to:

  • keep track of all Low Impact Paintball, Reball, Nerf, Bazooka Ball or AirSoft Pellet hits for all players & team participating in a game
  • let Spectators or Players view Individual or Team Scores on Their Phone, tablet, internet or Scoreboard...Any Time in Real Time!

The Sure Shots Score Keeping Vest and Game Management is the first product to address these issues

LazerSkinz Wearable Electronics is clothing designed to track and transmit  Reball, Reusable Paintball or Airsoft Hit Data to Smart Phones, Tablets, the Internet, on board counter or Scoreboard.

LazerSkinz Wearable Electronics is a break through in Reusable Paintball, Reball, AirSoft, Nerf & Bazooka Ball Score Keeping Technology.

Our Score Keeping Vests :

  • Are light weight and accurate! (less than 16ounces)
  • Will not hinder movement!
  • Will track hits from Low Impact Paintballs, ReBalls Nerf Darts and Air Soft Pellets
  • Are affordable for any player or team!

The Sure Shots Score Keeping App will add one more dimension to an Interactive Combat Game by live streaming score keeping info to Smart Phones, Tablets, the Internet and In House Scoreboards In Real Time

If you have any Questions about The System or adding The Score Keeping System to your Reball, Reusable Paintball, Airsoft, Bazooka Ball or Nerf Facility, give us a call at 304-893-6286, Send your question by Email or Use our Live Support.

We are here the help!

Universal Score Keeping Vests-4 Colors