Reball Score Keeping Scoreboard

Reball Score Scoreboard for Reball Games will display on any Wide Screen Monitor, phone or tablet.

The Reball Scoreboard can display all the following Reball or Reusable Paintball Game Player's info:

  • Reball player's name
  • number of times a player is hit by Reball
  • exacly where the player was hit by a Reball
  • Reball player's score
  • Reball player's team score
  • number of life credits remaining for each Reball Player
  • number of life credits remaining for each Reball Team

This Reball Scoreboard with Technology can be customized to match:

  • Your current paintball business's Logo
  • Your Paintball Company's Advertising
  • Your Paintball Company's look and feel

This Reball Score Keeping System displays on any Monitor, Lap Top, Tablet or Phone and also prints a Score Card for each player at the end of the game

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss having a Reball Score Keeping System in your Family Entertainment Center, Roller Rink or Soccer Facility. Call 304-893-6286 or Email Us