Paintless Paintballs

The Paintless Paintball eliminates the paint mess of regular paintballs, is available in both 68 Caliber and 50 Caliber sizes, is reusable and saves player money.

50 Caliber Paintless Paintballs:

  • are a Low Impact Paintball
  • made especially for Low Impact Paintball Guns
  • made for Low Impact Paintball Games

68 Caliber Paintless Paintballs 

  • are used as Reball Replacent
  • are used for Paintball Target Practice
  • are used for indoor Paintball Games
  • are used for Paintball Team Practice
  • are used for Military or Police Training
Demo Vidoe

All Paintless Paintballs by Sure Shots have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee...If you don't like them....Send Them Back!

Paintless Paintballs