Paintless Paintball Target Shooting

Paintless Paintball Target Shooting

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Are you just plain tired of:

  • trying to find all your Paintless Paintballs after shooting them in the basement or outside?

  • constantly buying Paintless Paintballs to replace the one you loose during target practice?

The Sure Shots Paintless Paintball Target Range:

  • Captures and Retains Paintless Paintballs (No More Lost Paintless Paintballs!)
  • Easy Set Up and Take Down (Only  Minutes till you are Shooting!)
  • Can Be Used Inside or Outside (Use in Basement or Backyard!)
  • Can Be Used With 50 Cal or 68 Cal Paintless Paintballs! ( Use your favorite Gun...Anytime...Anywhere!)
  • 100 FREE Paintless Paintballs (Your Choice of 50 Cal or 68 Cal Reusable Paintballs!)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! (If the Sure Shots Target Range for Paintless Paintballs does not capture and hold paintless paintballs for re shooting later, Send It Back! No Questions Asked!
  • No Dangerous Ball Bounce Back like JT Splatmaster Target Tree!

 Watch Paintless Paintball Target Demonstration!

Paintless Paintball Target with Ball Catcher In Action!

If you have any Questions about the Sure Shots Paintless Paintball Target Range, give us a call at 304-893-6286, Send your question by Email or Use our Live Help.

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