Paintball Target

Paintball Target by Sure Shots offers the Paintball Player all the benefits of an expensive target at half the cost.

Paintball Players will get the following advantages :

  • This Paintball Target works with Low Impact Paintballs, ReBalls, Paintless Paintballs and Rubber Paintballs
  • Economical Paintball Target Practice and Paintball Target Shooting (uses Reusable Rubber Paintballs that can be used over and over!)
  • No Messy Cleanup after PaintballTarget Shooting (Reusable Rubber Paintless Paintballs do not contain liquid paint like regular paintballs!)
  • Easy Set Up & Take Down in Minutes (Complete Set Up or Take Down about 5 Minutes!)
  • Use in any Location (Can be set up in Backyard or Basement...Sets Up Anywhere!)
  • Money Back Guarantee (You have 30 Days to try one of our Paintball Target...if it does not save money and time...Send It Back...No Questions Asked!)

See Video Demo

Make sure you check out Demo Video on each Paintball Target with Ball Catcher...These things really work!

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