Nerf Score Keeping and Game Management System

The Sure Shots "" Score Keeping Vest and Nerf Game Management System is the only program designed especially for counting and recording hits from Nerf Balls & Nerf Darts at Nerf War Games.

The Score Keeping System for Nerf will:

  • Count & Record all hits from Nerf Balls & Nerf DartsNerf War - Is Your Business Ready?Nerf Wars Score Keeping System
  • Display all Score Keeping Information on Wide Screen Monitor (no expensive score board needed!) see Nerf Wars Score Board
  • LED Lights flash on Shoulder when Hit (everyone know when hit is made)
  • Glows under Black Light
  • Also works with Low Impact Reusable Paintballs, Bazooka Balls and Soft Bow & Arrow Darts
  • Perfect for Nerf War

The Sure Shots Score Keeping System & Game Management System for Nerf Wars is versatile, easy to use and fun!

The Best Part Is...The Low Introductory Price! This means any Family Entertainment Center can actually afford to add a Nerf War Attraction!

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