Low Impact Paintball Score Keeping Equipment

Do you already have a Low Impact Paintless Paintball Game in your Family Entertainment Center?... Or are you using Gel Balls, Nerf, or Bazooka Balls for your Younger Paintball Players?

With Low Impact Paintball Games, Nerf or Bazooka Ball,  Knowing the Score Changes Everything!

If you are still using the Honor System to keep your Low Impact Paintball, Nerf, Gelly Ball or Bazooka Ball games under control...

Ditch The Honor System!


Knowing the Score Changes Everything! Competition Is Everything! Check Out Universal Score Keeping Vests

The Sure Shots Universal Score Keeping Vests & Game Management System:

  • Is manufactured especially for Low Impact Paintless Paintballs, Nerf Darts or Balls, Gel Balls and Bazooka Balls
  • Is very light weight and not bulky for smaller players (very flexible)
  • Is very affordable (cost is way less than expensive Laser Tag Vest)
  • Is available in Black Light Version or Black (sci fi themes or military themes)

Let them watch Scores of each player and team displayed on their Phone or In house TV...In Real Time!

Sure Shots's Universal Score Keeping Vests and Game Management System was developed & designed  specifically to count and display all hits from Low Impact 50 Caliber Paintless Paintball. Reballs, Bazooka Balls and Nerf Darts & Nerf Balls and Now Gel Balls Too!

With the Sure Shots Score Keeping Vest , Your business can:

  • increase the number of your customer visits
  • increase the number of Game Plays per per customer visit
  • offer more types of shooting combat games

Players are provided accurate Score Keeping:

  • The players compete harder and longer to be winners (they want to beat their friends)
  • The players compare scores to see who is doing better (like Laser Tag)
  • The player will play more often to get better scores (they compete against themselves)
Low Impact Score Keeping Equipment


The Sure Shots Universal Score Keeping Vest is one piece of equipment You Can Really Afford and You Really Can't Afford to Be Without It!

Please Remember, Our Universal Score Keeping Vests work with Low Impact Paintballs, Nerf Balls, Nerf Darts, Bazooka Balls and Now Gel Balls!

If you have any Questions about Low Impact Paintless Paintballs, Low Impact Score Keeping Equipment, the Sure Shots Score Keeping System or adding Sure Shots to your Existing Low Impact Paintball Field, give us a call at 304-893-6286 ot Send your question by Email

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