Gel Ball Inflatable Bunker System

Gel Ball Inflatable Bunker System by Blaster Shot is Easy To Set Up and works Great for Birthday Parties, Gel Ball Free Play Games, and Gel Ball Tournaments.

The Blaster Shot Gel Ball Inflatable Bunker System is Different than Other Inflatable Bunker Systems... Just What is the Difference?

Gel Ball Inflatable Bunker by Blaster Shot:

  • Are Compact...Gives Your Players More Room to Play!
  • Weigh Less...Easier For You Set Up and Move Around!
  • Are Ideal for Offsite Use...Easier to Move Around and Store!
  • Are Ideal Height...Your Players will be More Competitive because Everyone Can See Entire Play field!
  • Best Part...Blaster Shot Inflatable Bunkers work with Gellyball, Nerf Darts, Bazooka Balls & Archery Tag Arrows

Blaster Shot Inflatable Bunkers for Gel Ball work with Any Gel Ball Score Keeping System!

Need Score Keeping for Gel Ball? See Blaster Shot Score Keeping Vests


Gel Ball Inflatable Bunker SystemGel Ball Inflatable Bunker System

Gel Ball Inflatable Bunkers

Gel Ball Inflatable Bunkers

You Bet We Keep Score!