Compare Paintless Paintball Score Keeping to Other Methods

For a fair comparison of Score Keeping for Paintless Paintball to other Score Keeping Systems and Games that have some sort of Scorekeeping, we have to identify the games available.

Simulated Combat Games that has some sort of Score Keeping are broken down into the following segments:

  • Laser Tag Games (uses electronic beams of light to trigger electronic sensor for score keeping)
  • Paintball Games (shooting gelatin balls filled with paint that marks person when hit)
  • Indoor Paintless Paintball or Reball (shooting rubber balls or foam balls at player & players saying they were hit "Honor System")
  • Hybrid Paintball Laser Tag Games (uses combination for Paintball Guns with Laser Tag based radio receiver to count hits)
  • Airsoft Games (shooting plastic 6mm BBs or Pellets at player & Player saying they were hit by BB "Honor System")

The Score Keeping Vest for Paintless Paintball is definitely part of the "Simulated Combat Gaming" industry as it counts, records and displays hits by both size of Reusable Paintless Paintballs.

The following links compare Reusable Paintless Paintball Vests and Score Keeping System to our competors in the "Simulated Combat Gaming" Industry.

Our Goal is to give you the best information to make the best decision in choosing

  • Which Simulated Combat Game & Score Keeping System will fin in your amusement business & customer base
  • What is the estimated cost for the use a Score Keeping Game
  • Which gives good R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

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