Add Gel Ball Business to Your Fun Center

Adding a Gel Ball Game, Could be the Perfect Addon Attraction to any:

  • Trampoline Park
  • Nerf Play Center
  • Archery Play Center
  • Family Entertainment Center
  • Inside Soccer Field and Training Center
  • Roller Rink
  • Mobile Birthday Party Planner
  • Mobile Team Building or Fund Raising Events
  • Party Equipment Rental

Your Question Probably is "Why would I consider Gel Ball as an Addon Attraction to My FEC? or Rental Business?"

The Answer Is Quite Simple....A Gel Ball Business has one of the Highest ROI  (Return on Investment) in the Family Entertainment Industry

Get This ... Gel Ball is Very Inexpensive to Start Up and The Best Part Is there is NO MESS and Very Little Maintenance...Gel Ball is a Real Winner!

When you decide to get into the Gel Ball Business...You have to choose a Gel Ball Equipment Vendor that Should be Able To Supply:

  • Top of the Line Gel Ball Guns
  • Gel Gall Safety Equipment
  • Easy To Set Up Inflatable Bunker System
  • Score Keeping Vests and Targets
  • A "Hybrid" Game System That Works with Gel Ball plus Nerf, Bazooka Ball and Archery Tag

But Most Importantly, A Vendor who Understands the Gel Ball Business and Shows You How to Get and Retain Customers..Repeat Business is the Key To Success!

Check Out Gel Ball Startup Equipment Packages!