500-50 Cal Rubber Paintballs

500-50 Cal Rubber Paintballs

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50 Cal Rubber Paintballs in 500 Pack  work with all 50 Caliber Low Impact Paintball Guns will save players money with no nasty clean up after play.

These 50 Caliber Paintballs contain NO Paint so there is no clean up after game!

50 Caliber Rubber Paintballs by Sure Shots:

  • Are Low Impact
  • Are finely machined to shoot straight and accurate
  • Are reusable and have no paint mess to clean up
  • Are 50 Caliber and fit JT Splatmaster, 50 Caliber Paintball Guns and Gotcha Paintball Guns
  • Cause less bruising and pain in paintball games
  • Are the perfect reusable paintball for Family Entertainment Centers, Roller Rinks and Soccer Fields

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