Score Keeping Vests

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Vest Systems are Universal...they work with:

  • Nerf Darts
  • Low Impact Reballs
  • Reballs
  • Bazooka Balls
  • Airsoft BBs
  • Gel Balls
Universal Score Keeping Vests | Score Keeping Vests

What do Blaster Shot Score Keeping Vests do and How do they Work?

Blaster Shot Universal Score Keeping Vest:

  • Counts & Records hits from Gel Balls, Nerf Darts, Nerf Balls, and ReBalls, (Even works with Gellyballs and  Bazooka Balls)

  • Transmits all hit data to wide screen monitors, phones and tablets

  • Very Affordable, (Blaster Shot Universal Score Keeping Systems are priced below Old Fashioned Laser Tag Systems)

  • Offer fast R.O.I.

If you have any questions about Sure Shots Score Keeping  Systems call 304-893-6286 or Email Us!

Universal Score Keeping Vest


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