Nerf Gun Target

Nerf Gun Target

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This Nerf Gun Target is an Electronic Score Keeping Target designed especially to count and record hits from Nerf Balls and Nerf Darts.

The Nerf Gun Target includes:

  • Nerf Gun Score Keeping Mod (bolts on to any Nerf Gun)
  • Phone App to display Scores on phone, tablet or computer
  • Wireless Score Keeping that is Transmitted Directly to Your Phone or Tablet

The Nerf Gun Target is Great For Nerf Target Shooting and Can be used as Carnival or Fair Target Shooting Game

We are Making Nerf a Real Game of Skill!

Have a Question about the Black Eye Tek Nerf Gun Target with Score Keeping... Give us a call! or Go tor Black Eye Tek  We are here the help!

Nerf Gun Target

Check Out the Demo for Nerf Gun Target Game

 Watch the Nerf Gun Target Work...Perfect for Nerf Target Shooting