Low Impact Paintball for Family Entertainment Centers

A Sure Shots Low Impact Paintball Game System will work and help generate the extra revenue  that most Family Entertainment Centers & Family Fun Centers want and need.

Each Sure Shots Low Impact Paintball Game System:

  • is Custom designed to fit your Family Fun Center or FEC exact space requirements
  • uses the smaller 50 Caliber Low Impact Reusable Paintball (this is a safer Paintball Game)
  • has electronic score keeping (just like Laser Tag)
  • displays all game results on Wide Screen TV, Phone or Pad (no scoreboard purchase required)

Please look over our Low Impact Paintball Game Management Systems for Family Entertainment Centers, Family Fun Centers and FECs, If you have any questions.... Give us a call @ 304-893-6286, Email Us or Use Our Live Support. We will be glad to help!

The Sure Shots Experience - Black Light Paintball Without the Mess!